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ATG specializes in providing Synagogues, non-profit and for-profit organizations nationwide with unique membership and fund raising software packages that combine membership management, accounting, fundraising - and now a full range of credit/debit card acceptance capabilities - in one, easy-to-use computer software program.

General Info

SOS is a comprehensive membership information center, that includes fundraising and account receivable software for membership based organizations both for-profits and non-profits. It is written using Microsoft technologies and is fully compatible with Windows, 2000, 2003 and XP. The SOS program is an all comprehensive management information center.

SOS gives the membership organization one integrated information system. It eliminates duplication and greatly increases the efficiency of your staff. This SOS supplement is designed to give you a closer look at the many features SOS has to offer.

SOS includes a detailed structure for billing Members/Clients and posts the invoice, payments and credits to the appropriate G/L account in BusinessWorks, QuickBooks Pro, Peachtree, Microsoft Small Business Financials, Mas90 and others. Postings made in SOS are reflected in the accounting system. Your Accounting Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow are current. There is no wait time and no duplicate entries.

SOS Includes

• Unlimited Membership Database
• Built-in help system
• Credit Card Processing
• Mail merge built-in or with Microsoft Office
• Member Statement detailed options such as account receivable aging
• Detailed billing and receivables
• School, unlimited class types and classes
• Security module to determine user options
• Event Seating
• Audit Trail and ticklers (reminders)
• Activities with direct email
• Room scheduling and cemetery modules
• Multiple built-in reports, labels, lists, letters, export all queries
• User Defined Fields
• Extensive Donor database and create acknowledgement letters
• Member Attributes
• Report Writer
• Yahrzeit reports and Notifications

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Application Hosting

Reduce your IT costs, provide your users with 24/7 remote access to your data, reap the benefits of high performance computing within a completely secure connection. With Application hosting, your software resides on ATG’s secure servers and you can access your application(s) from anywhere using a high speed internet connection

Benefits of Application Hosting
• High performance computing
• Reduced IT costs
• Remote and Flexible access
• Strict Security Standards
• More efficient Budget planning

Remote Interactive Online Support and Training
Avoid the expense of on site training and enjoy the benefit of interactive training at the convenience of your own PC whenever you need it. We can log into your computer and see exactly what your question is and guide you step by step.

Outstanding Support Services
We have a solid reputation for fast and courteous customer support and
for the development of program enhancements that meet our clients needs.
We listen to you! Ask us for a list of references.

Online Access to Help
Online access to an extensive SOS Knowledge Base which gives step by step instructions for all SOS functions. Access to Quick Tips which gives answers to commonly asked questions. Access our help system with a click of the button from the SOS program.

Web Products
We will have available an online Membership Directory as well as the ability for your members to securely access and update their personal information. Synagogue Administrators control all information that would be entered into the SOS database

Accounting Flexibility
SOS offers direct real time connections BusinessWorks as well as direct import to Peachtree, QuickBooks, Mas90, Microsoft Small Business and others. No duplicate data entry.

Software Leasing/Financing
ATG works with software leasing companies to help make your software purchase more affordable.

SOS real time demonstration

To schedule a live demonstration, please call (781-899-4100) or email (SosInfo@ansintech.com) for an appointment.

Trial CD is available:

Call us toll free at 781-899-4100 or order the SOS trial CD on line at

Data conversion:
We know how important your data is. Insuring your data's integrity is one of our greatest concerns. Our Technical Services Team has the experience and tools to transfer your existing member data accurately from your current file formats and software programs to SOS. Whether you are moving a simple table from Excel or moving megabytes of data from a variety of sources, these services will save you time and money. Our team has experience transferring membership data from all of the currently used membership management software programs. The cost of data conversion varies depending upon the volume of records, quality of data and services to be performed.

The data is your exclusive property. Data conversion cost is determined by what data is converted, the condition of the data and the time it takes. We will quote you on the data conversion cost.

Technical Support during trial period:
Our technical support staff will work with you, in setting up the SOS and BW or QuickBooks Pro (or most other accounting programs) to work together. You will be able to enter members, clients, post invoices, and receive payments, print reports and whatever else you need to do.

Training on Line and on site:
SOS will provide on-line training (2 hours training on-line is included when you purchase SOS). We will also provide on-site installation, set-up and training. Contact ATG for further details and charges.

References available upon request.

How to contact ATG for support and questions
If you have any questions or need any assistance, or would like to use SOS, on-line, please call me toll free at 866-322-4530 (direct line 781-899-4100) or email our staff at SoSSupport@ansintech.com.

Thank you

Leonard Ansin
CEO, Ansin Technology Group, Inc


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